Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow, long time no post. My blog is an arid wasteland indeed. My only defense is that I’ve been busy. I’m finishing up some part time work with a previous employer and looking forward to going full time with a new one in November. Yup, I’ve managed to scamper off the sinking ship of my old job and land a really good gig with a huge law firm in SLC. It’s a long commute but looks to be a really stable job. Add to that a number of legal complications with getting my ex-wife to let me have my kids on my weekends and the usual keep-stuff-running and well…. That is the way it goes sometimes I guess.

The real wasteland though is awaiting me at home. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Fallout 3, because…well because I’m a huge fanboy OK? I’ve loved the previous games in the franchise (hey I even enjoyed Fallout Tactics although not as much as the real Fallout games) and it arrived yesterday. Before collapsing last night I managed to get through the REALLY LONG install process and play the intro portion of the game where you create your character and leave the vault.

I am very pleased with what I have seen so far. The change in perspective was a little disconcerting. A first person viewpoint is not my favorite way to interface with an environment but oh boy is that environment amazing. They captured the look and feel of the Fallout universe very well and managed to setup the beginnings of an emotional story line all during the intro. I hope that the rest of the game can live up to the expectations that they have set.

I think I’ll redo the intro now that I’ve seen the process once just to make sure I get the character that I want and then it’s off into the Capitol Wasteland for fame and adventure and hopefully a chance to find Dogmeat!

I had talked a friend into looking forward to this game too. Honestly, it didn’t take any convincing at all but he’s been looking forward to it as well. If his wife is reading this then he DEFINITLY DID NOT BUY A COPY AT THE STORE WHEN HE WENT TO GET WIPER BLADES! If his wife isn’t reading this, I can’t believe he beat me into the wasteland! Amazing, I thought for sure I would completely one up him with FO3.

Well I do have him totally beat in one way though. Did I mention that I was a Fallout fanboy? Well as if anyone needed proof of that, I preordered (Way back in May) the collectors edition of FO3. This came with some really cool goodies in addition to the game. Chief among them are my newly prized possessions of the FO3 old-school metal lunchbox and my Vault-Boy bobble head doll.

BTW: very cool wallpapers can be found at the Bethesda site here!

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