Friday, May 08, 2009


….To the first showing of Star Trek last night. They did a limited opening of the show yesterday and the full opening will be tonight. I was absolutely blown away. Go see it.

No really. Go see it.

This is a well paced action movie with extremely likeable characters, a hopeful attitude, and enough nods to the old time fans like me to make us quiver with joy. I saw the movie with a room full of other nerds, err…. fanboys…. well I guess those are all accurate after all. Let’s just call a Trekie and Trekie I guess. The fans last night seemed to love the show just as much as I did, but I strongly believe that even non-fans will really like this movie.

In fact I think even anti-fans – if they can put aside any prejudice and give the series reboot a try will find that this movie is full of life and hope and excitement and altogether is eminently enjoyable.

The first thing that struck me as the film progressed was how likeable the characters are. I remember why I liked Kirk, and Spock and McCoy so much and that comes through strongly in this show. It applies just as much to Sulu, Scottie, Uhura and Checkov too. I want to go have dinner with all of them because they seem like fun people with interesting personalities and just so….. likeable.

The next thing I noticed (OK this may actually be the first thing since one of the _VERY_ early sound effects is highly reminiscent of an old sound effect) is how faithful they were to the FEEL of Star Trek. The transporter sound, the ambient bridge noises, the red alert sirens were all modernized but based on the traditional sounds. Non fans won’t care but if you enjoyed the original series this will put you back in the mood. It goes beyond the sounds though to capturing the friendships between the leading characters and while it’s not strictly like the old days (you know what I mean if you’ve seen it) the budding friendship between the main three is absolutely true to form. And lets not forget to mention some absolutly histerical uses of key catch phrases.

The SFX. WOW. Amazing. There are two absolutely standout shots of the Enterprise that keep replaying in my mind. One in the atmosphere of Titan with Saturn in the background and one at the final battle that keep replaying in my brain. SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOL. The new Enterprise is amazing and I’m totally falling back into my fanboy….err trekie mode aren’t I? Maybe I’d better stop for a minute and take a deep breath….

…. OK I’m better now.

Speaking of new the look and feel of the technology has all be updated to look futuristic again but still retain enough of the old feel to be right. The hand phasers for example are really good looking. I may have to get a replica. But they look like phasers. The Enterprise has slightly changed lines but it looks like the Enterprise. The bridge looks WAY less like cardboard and plywood but it still feel like the bridge is supposed to.

The movie is full of action, and humor, and drama. The pacing is a skillful blend of all these elements to keep movie goers from being bored at all. The acting is well done and consistent. The characters have believable motives and internal consistency in both themselves and in their interactions with others. I’ll say it again and what I say three times believe.

Go see it.
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