Thursday, July 30, 2009


You know. The ones that write about their cat on their blog.

Ugh! I can’t believe it either.

OK. I promise that this will not be a regular thing – but a little post will be OK right. I mean it’s just a taste really. It can’t possibly have any harm, and I’m sure I could stop writing about the cat any time I wanted to. It would be easy.

I started the morning wanting to write about our kitten Mystique. So I thought I should take a picture of her since she is growing so fast. Here is how she usually looks in the morning.

Yup. She’s pretty blurry in the morning all right. She’s so excited to have the people come out of the bedroom that she can’t hold still.

But I wanted everyone to see that her spots are becoming more distinct so I tried to bribe her with kitty snacks.

That worked briefly but then she went on to attack her second most favorite enemy. The dreaded tiny-stuffed-penguin! TUH-DUH-DUUUUUHHHHHHH!
Her attacks are classic pounce with claw-claw-bite attacks and if her claws hit she starts a grapple attack and if she succeeds in grabbing a hold she gets a free rake attack with her hind legs.

Her most favorite enemy though is socks that have feet in them. Feet alone aren’t good enough. Socks alone aren’t good enough. She mostly ignores both, but combine them in proper order and she’ll happily get to work stalking and attacking the socked-up feet.
Finally my lovely wife held her still long enough to get a fairly non-blurry picture of her. She’s a cute cat and so far there haven’t been any real problems with allergies – however, tonight she gets a bath since my wife is noticing a tickle in her throat. This breed is supposed to not hate water – so I am hoping to emerge from the bathroom without life threatening scratches.
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