Monday, May 08, 2006


Lately I’ve been listening to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. My sister got me started on it – apparently Art Bell usually does the show but he is off in the Philippines setting up a new studio so in the meantime George is doing the broadcasts.

I have to say I’m sickly fascinated by the show. Privately I refer to it as Whack-Job nation since most of what they talk about is just totally out there. For example various types of werewolves, conspiracy theories, paranormal experiences, and the old stand-by UFO stories. Usually I am completely at odds with what ever they are talking about. I’m rather more skeptical.

Even so it’s fun to listen to. I’m mostly fascinated by the people that call in to it. Do people really believe these things? Well of course they do but how is it possible. Is it just that my frame of reference is so different than theirs that I can’t comprehend why they believe such things?

I suppose that is the point, after all, life is subjective. There is no one person with an absolute lock on what is or is not real. We all experience life through our own filters and color every experience with our own expectations and beliefs. Have you ever talked with someone and realized later that they only heard the part of what you were saying that they liked or agreed with or tried to remember something with someone else who was also there and each of you had different recollections? This is the phenomenon that I’m talking about. We all see things our own way. This doesn’t make me right and them wrong. In fact referring to them all as wack-jobs is simply an ego defense trying to make me feel better than them. Perhaps with someone else’s experiences I would hold different opinions too.

Well, the program provides one thing in abundance and that is entertainment. And to me that is the primary point of the program. Others may find it educational or affirming but to me it’s mostly silly and pleasant.

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