Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm not trying to be all Dr. Who all the time, really, I'm not. It's just that it has seemed to come up rather a lot for me lately. Recently I was sent this link by one of my friends and I've totally been geeking over this one.

Like I've mentioned before my favorite Dr. was Peter Davison. The new seasons being done by the BBC have been great. I think both of the Drs. that they have cast (Christopher Eccleston as Dr. number nine and David Tennant as number ten) have been very fun in their own ways. And both of them have captured enough of the flavor of the other doctors to make them very believable as the Dr.

Anyway, back to the link. The BBC has produced a 7 minute webisode that fits in between their current programming gap to hype up the return of the show on Christmas. And what do you know it stars both Peter Davison revising his role as the fifth (and like i said my favorite) doctor and David Tennant again as the tenth doctor. Enjoy....

And for your amusement and edification here is a complete list of all the doctors.


Space Bumby said...

Peter Davison is my favorite Doctor too. Remind me to show you the cricket ball he autographed sometime. Best surprise gift I ever got.

Drake Tungsten said...

AIIIII! I am consumed with jelousy!

Seriously though, that is a terrific gift. I'll bet you were thrilled. I would very much like to see it please.

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