Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have to HIGHLY recommend Disney World as a great place for grownups to visit. I’m sure kids can have fun there but I think it’s even better for grownups. My beautiful sweet bride and I just returned from a honeymoon trip to Disney World and we had a blast. This park boasts a number of features that appeal to a more adult sense of fun from walking trails in the Animal Kingdom, to the world pavilions of Epcot the whole series of parks seems to be balanced for more adult tastes.

The food at Epcot would be wasted on childish palates anyway. We ate there three out of four nights and had some terrific meals. My favorite was the Restaurant Marrakesh in the Morocco Pavilion. The food was amazing and the atmosphere there was all out to make you feel like you were in a foreign land. I was highly impressed.

One of the fun things about Disney are the little extras they put in to the experience. On our first day there I saw a couple wearing big badges that said “Just Married”. Well so was I and I wanted to find those. So that afternoon as we were focusing more on shopping and exploring than on riding rides I asked a cashier if she knew where I could buy those pens. She told me to go out to the City Hall building and ask them for one.

So off we wandered to Main Street USA to the City Hall building and went in to find them. I would have been happy to buy them but they just hand them out if you just ask. I was thrilled. It’s my favorite souvenir from the trip. We wore those badges for the entire rest of the trip. The next day we had 18 people tell us congratulations, the third day we had 13 people say it and on the final day 23 people told us that. Plus we had an automatic excuse for being smoochie and cuddly (hmmmm I wonder if the badges will work on my friends) and got put in the very front seat of the Splash Mountain ride.

They also have badges for Anniversaries, birthdays and 1st time visitors so if you are at the park and fit into one of the categories be sure to stop in and get yours.

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John O said...

If you were to wear your Just Married badges, I'm afraid we might have to mock you in order to get past our own vast jealousy.

It sounds like it was a great trip. Maybe we can hire a zookeeper for a week and do something like that for our 20th anniversary.

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