Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wow, long time no post. Weird.

Hmmm... what kind of excuse can I use to explain the lack of content. *think think think* I know! It's... ummm... this new diet. Yes! That's it. I've been on a radical new diet summed up here that explains it all.

Bah! No one will believe that. *think think think*

Ah ha! I've got it. I've been spending all my free time on RockBand. That's not actually the truth either but it's a pretty good excuse anyway. My love and I wrote a review of RockBand once. It's one of the best party games out there. We frequently play it with our friends and not to long ago my wife and I picked up our own system to play it on.

I like the Rockband controllers. They have nice big buttons for me and I like the form factor better than the smaller Guitar Hero ones. They do have a reputation for being less robust though and that is a problem. I've had to send one of my controllers back because it would not deploy the overdrive no matter how much I tipped it back. (HAH! which gives me a chance to link to still one of my all time favorite Basic Instructions!)

The basic controller looks like this.

It's functional but boring based on the black and white Fender Stratocaster. I found a skin for sale on the Internet and purchased it. My guitar now looks WAY cooler. The picture is a little dark - the red is much brighter in real life but this picture will give you a good idea of it's essential coolness.

The skin was a little bit difficult to apply. It's basically a giant vinyl sticker. The narrow strips were a bit of a pain to stick on especially around the white parts of the guitar and around the whammy bar and buttons. Otherwise it went on pretty smoothly. The instructions said to use a hair dryer while you push out the bubbles in the skin and that worked remarkably well. I ended up with a really cool looking guitar that can even stand close inspection. What wrinkles I couldn't remove are mostly hidden in the black skinny areas again around the bottom and near the buttons.

The skin hasn't changed the actual playing experience at all unless you count how much cooler I am now with a cherry three tone sunburst guitar. Once my other guitar returns I'd like to skin it too. There are lots and lots of skins available. With any luck I'll be able to find a ZZ Top style furry guitar skin for that one.

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