Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm very glad to have my new job. It's a very different sort of pressure to work in the legal industry than what I've done before but the people I work with are on the right hand side of the IQ bell curve and when the pressure does come off they seem to have good parties.

I've tried really hard to fit in and make connections with others. This weekend is the big rivalry game between BYU and Utah. The powers that be offered a $100 prize to the person dressed most patriotically for their team, one for each side.

I was already wearing my UofU tie all week long and I like being involved in office games so I started trying to think what I could do to be a part of it. I told my lovely (and talented and amazing wife) that wouldn't it be funny if I came as a giant pom-pom?

She not only thought it was funny but thought she could make it happen. She stayed up late last night and when I came upstairs from the bedroom this morning my outfit was complete! And it was amazing.

The competition at work was fierce. There were probably eight people decked out in UofU red. Oddly there were only three in the BYU competition side.

The winner of the prize for the U was split by a team entry. The Gangster and his 'ho. I have never seen any one person wear so many UofU branded items at one time before.

As a special reward the powers that be created a special prize on the spot for me as having the most creative outfit (and for not just wearing my regular weekend clothing).

Pictures of the winners below with faces obscured at the request of the subjects.


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