Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, I'm not sure how to admit this but I created a Facebook account.

Yeah, yeah, I know I've grumped about how it is just for kids and how there is no reason to get one. Well I caved in anyway, since there is a word puzzle game on Facebook that I really want to try playing.

I've created my account - sent some friend invitations out to people I recognized after it dug through all my e-mail addresses and now I'm looking at a home page that is bewildering.

Who are all these other people it thinks I might know?

How come it's not a friendly happy picture like other users?

Where is the tamagotchi kitty thing my wife has to keep logging in to feed?

Most, importantly, where is the darn word paths word puzzle I came here looking for?

Maybe I was right and this is for kids - am I hitting the stage of life where it's just to hard to figure out some weird new application like this. Also, am I supposed to talk with people here? Mostly I just want to check it out. Even after signing up I still can't figure out not just what to do here, but the more important question of what I WANT to do here.

I guess I'll play with it for a day or two and see if it's worth keeping or if I should just delete the darn thing and give up on word paths.


Kelly said...

As for me...I have my mom, all my siblings, two of my kids, half my cousins, a good portion of my friends, several from my ward, people from high school, a friend in Finland and Mexico, and my honey...all chatting, and hanging out of Facebook.

I tend to ignore a lot of the cutsie stuff, but now and then I just have to throw a pillow back as someone like the gal at your house.

I had my account for several months before I knew I could do anything with it.

But, as my dad says, "I'm glad I don't have to do Facebook..."

:)RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!! muahahahaha!

Kelly said...

...and just try to beat me at Pathwords...I dare ya!

Drake Tungsten said...

I'll probably never beat your score. Or anyone elses either. I enjoy word games but I'm very slow at them - just ask Jana how I do at speed scrabble. *grins*

BTW: Your sister Rosie sent me an e-mail because Facebook decided we might know each other.

Kelly said...

Facebook looks through your friends' friends lists and suggests that you might know someone. Sometimes I do, in fact....but more often I don't know them and so I just ignore it.

Rosie was probably trying to figure out if indeed she knew you before deleted the suggestion.

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