Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well I liked this movie. I have to agree with many critics that the acting, for the most part was lackluster but I did enjoy the preformances by Ian McDermid and Ewan McGregor. The rest of the acting was somewhat leaden and un-interesting.

I felt more emotion in viewing the film than in episodes 1 and 2. I particularly liked the scene (without spoiling) where Obi-Wan walks away from Anikin near the end of the show. There were a few other moments that stand out to me as well, overall the film left me with a sense of sadness for the plight of most of the characters. The theme of choice and accountability were strongly presented as Anikin is forced to confront Padme with the results of his own choices and the position it placed her in.

Visually the movie was STUNNING. Wonderful space battle at the begining. Many shots of coursicant. Great lightsaber and force battles. Lucas is a master of visual arts and it shows. I wish he was as good at dialog and storytelling as he is visually.

Only one beastie really jumped out at me and said "HI-I'm-Made-For-The-Toy-Market".

I wish there were more loveable scoundrels but I guess Han stands alone in that department with Lucas.

Overall I rate the movie pretty highly in my ranking of Star Wars movies. I'm torn between ranking it 2nd behind Empire or 3rd behind A New Hope. I've only seen the show twice so I may have to check it out one more time.

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