Friday, February 08, 2008

rFactor - my 3rd review

I guess I'm getting the hang of this review a game theme I've got started on. Although to let you in on a little magic behind the scenes, my reviews are _much_ better because my wonderful fiancee ~J edits them for me before they get shipped off to SI.

Anyway, the latest one is a review of rFactor, a racing game. Well not just a racing game any more than Falcon 4.0 was just a flying game. This is a simulation in every sense of the word and unless you are totally into racing and want to experience every single aspect of a racing weekend including the time in the grarage, qualifying laps, practice rounds and the interminable race itself you should probably not play this game. If you do I've found the game for you.

rFactor - check out my review here.

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