Tuesday, February 05, 2008


More fuel for the life on Mars crowd. And this one is pretty convincing really. I mean the face at Cydonia was pretty good, and the Bigfoot shaped rock… errr… I mean big foot shaped Martian, but really this is pushing it just a little too far.

This picture was snapped in 1998. (Click for a larger view!) It’s clearly a smiley face. What else could it be? But no, many people said it was just a fluke of nature or a bad photograph. The Mars Global Survey craft took this picture on the first day of its survey.

See! It still looks like a smiley face even with the new fancy pictures. (Again, click for enlarged view!) Even though NASA still claims it is random chance and the propensity of humans to project onto inanimate objects.

The official name of this crater is Galle crater located at 51.1 degrees S, 31.3 degrees W. It’s approximately 134 miles across.

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John O said...

So does this mean the smiley face guy in Forrest Gump is a martian?

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