Monday, March 30, 2009


OK. Here is a selection of pictures from our trip. Since it was 29 degrees this morning and snow covered everything when I left the house the pictures look extra warm today. I wouldn't mind being back in 80 degree highs and 65 degree lows again.

These will be presented in somewhat chronological order with my comments along the way.

The first night in Orlando we went to Downtown Disney. After dinner we wandered the shops. They have a Lego store there with, like, every Lego in existence. Plus quite a few giant Lego sculptures. Here I am next to a life sized Lego clone trooper.

The next morning saw us off to the Magic Kingdom. This picture didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but heck, it's got that princess castle thing in the background so you know for sure where we were. Plus, it looks really warm there and I'm cold today.

The next day we were at Disney Hollywood. This is from the lobby of the Tower of Terror. You can see the cool shirt that got us an extra all-lines-bypassed ride on the Tower after one of the cast members working there saw me wearing it.

Look its warm!

Here we are indulging our inner geeks (ummm.... yeah OK you got me there, plus our outer geeks and pretty much our whole entire being as geeks) on the Star Tours ride. Note C3-P0 in the background.

Dinner at Le Cellier in Epcot ended with a fantastic Creme Brulee. Here is is half eaten after I realized I should take a picture of the cute decorations they made for us.

Here is the decoration our housekeepers made for us after they found out it was an anniversary trip.

Finally, this picture is just for fun. There were tons of people wearing character hats. They have just the very top of whatever character the hat is for. The top part of Stitch, the top parts of Chip and or Dale, the top parts of Donald Duck or Goofy. Every time I saw people wearing these hats I just kept thinking of Belkar, from Order of the Stick. Why? Well he has a habit of making his own hats, see.

Here I am in full Belkar mode.

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Susan Brady said...

Thanks for sharing, We love knowing what our family is up to.

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