Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rambling on Mistakes

I like being able to write about stuff. I feel a little embarrassed though. What if someone reads this stuff? What if no one does? Either option causes me some anxiety. I think a lot of personal interactions in the world today cause people, or at least me, to feel anxious. I worry about my appearance, or how I come across to people sometimes. I also worry about if I’m doing things right even if no one else will ever see it.

The problem that I think I have this way is that I want to be sooooooooo great. I do not want to ever make a mistake, especially one where I look dumb. But that is just silly. Everyone makes mistakes; it is a part of being alive. I believe that only one perfect man ever walked this world and he was deity. The rest of us will make mistakes along the way and our only hope is through that one perfect man. It would be super human of me to not make any mistakes. And I am not super human.

So, we all need to accept that we are not perfect. And that making a mistake is not the end of the world (that is called black and white thinking) and that there are things we can learn from each mistake and that making mistakes gives us a chance to worship God and that making mistakes helps us to realize that we are growing and that making mistakes shows us that we are human, just like the rest of the people around us.

Making mistakes is just a part of this life on earth. Learn a little something from each mistake and go on. After all that is the point.

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