Friday, July 09, 2004


So I’m going to sign the petition I was talking about a few days ago. Like I said previously, I was inclined to do so anyway. After thinking about it I feel that I should attempt to be some sort of influence on my government to protect the things that I value.

The text of the proposed amendment.

*put on tin foil hat*
I'm not sure that the government will be responsive to what my values are regardless of this proposed amendment or not. I somtimes have the feeling that the members of the government, are so far removed from my daily concerns and beliefs that they are incapable of understanding them. It sometimes seems to me that the Federal government is abrogating to much power unto it self and I have to admit that it concerns me that as a society many of us feel that we need the government to step in and set the rules.
*remove tin foil hat*

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