Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Sometimes I get petitions forwarded to me in order to support one thing or another. Sometimes they even ring my doorbell or accost me at the entrance of the supermarket.

Most of the time I refuse to sign these. I admit I’m not often familiar with both sides of the issue in question and something that motivates someone to go around collecting signatures probably means that this person has a vested interest in the outcome. Maybe it’s religious or financial or political. And I have always wondered what don’t I understand about this issue? I suppose that shows my laziness in not being more aware of the political landscape around me. I read the local paper and am generally aware of the broad issues but often don’t take the time to learn the finer details.

Currently, I’ve been sent a link to sign a petition to support The Federal Marriage Amendment. I am a Christian and I believe that at its heart marriage is a religious institution that has been supported by civil and public institutions. I have a faith based belief that unless marriage takes place between a man and a woman it is not a marriage in the eyes of God. Regardless of what man may say to the contrary. So from the basis of my faith I am inclined to add my name to this petition.

Information on this issue is difficult to find. Or rather, calm analysis of this issue is difficult to find. All of the web pages I googled up on this so far have been full of flashy graphics and links and bolded words and rhetoric. I’d much prefer to locate a scholarly analysis of the issue. The opponents state that this is nothing more than legalized discrimination. The supporters state that this is simply an effort to protect the values that maintain healthy families.

The senate is scheduled to vote on this issue in mid-July. News reports show that America is divided on the issue, although, it also appears to have a fairly large grassroots support. I believe I will take a few days to think about the wisdom of a constitutional amendment. Delay is my friend in this since it will give me time to think about it and to learn more.

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