Monday, July 19, 2004


What is crazy anyway?  How can anyone tell what another person is thinking.  A person can make a pretty fair estimate on what is rational using logic and real world tangible evaluations but how can you tell what is really happening in anothers head.  Sometimes I'm not sure what is happening inside my own head. 
If a person says that they desire one thing greatly and then they do things to prevent that one thing from happening it is not rational - from a certain point of view.
But is it crazy?  Well, there is no way for me to tell.  I feel caught in a situation similar to the one very briefly described above.  I wish that I could see the whole picture but I am limited in my ability to do so and so must work on a) What I know, and b) What I believe. 
This probably looks crazy to you.  Since my counter proves that no one is reading this I guess I could say anything I want to.  However, I feel I must respect the privacy of the people involved and I can't say much more in this forum. 

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